NWR213This is our (new) ESI NWR 213.  We previously used a UP 213 and have recently upgraded to the newer system.  We will use the laser for elemental imaging of biological tissue sections, but we are located in an Earth Science Department so I dare say we’ll zap a zircon or two.

We have a Post Nova asymmetric AF4 field flow fractionation DSC00762system.  This instruments will separate particles and biomolecules based on there size and we use it to study trace metal interactions with colloids, nanoparticles and organic molecules by interfacing the outflow into the ICP-MS.


We have a Brooks Rand MERX-M automated methylmercury analyser.   We run all our analysese by species specific isotope dilution, so we interface the MERX-M to an ICP-MS to detect the Hg isotopes.  We also have a MERX-T system with atomic fluorescence detection for low level total Hg analysis.

DSC00764We use a Milestone direct mercury analyser for direct analysis of a solid for total mercury.  We mostly run soils, sediments and insects.

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