VT Fish App

screenshot of fish appEat Fish…Choose Wisely!

Fish is a good source of nutrition. Use this App to choose fish lower in mercury. Women of childbearing age and young children should avoid eating fish high in mercury, which can be harmful to a developing nervous system. You can still get the benefits of eating fish by following the guidelines about the types of fish to eat, how often and how much you eat.

You can install the VT Fish App on your smartphone.  This makes it easy to check on local fish at any time.  Once installed, the app can be used when you have no Internet connection, so is available even if you are fishing in the middle of a lake.

This App was designed in collaboration with Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, Health and Fish and Wildlife and was based on the 2014 VT fish card. Information contained within may be applicable beyond Vermont waters.

Installation Instructions

Go to this website on your iPhone.

Click on the Share button at the bottom.

Click on the Add to Home Screen button as shown

That's it!

Go to this website on your phone.

Click on the "Add VT Fish App to the Home Screen" option at the bottom of the screen.

That's it!