Cadmium Links

  • ToxFAQs for Cadmium This site on cadmium, in a “frequently asked questions” format, was produced by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • WebElements Periodic Table: Cadmium Includes extensive information on the chemical properties of cadmium, from the simple to the complex. Designed for students and for curious, somewhat science-savvy citizens.
  • Environmental Health Fact Sheet — Cadmium. Illinois Department of Public Health. A fairly comprehensive fact sheet about where cadmium comes from, how it gets into people, and what it can do in the body. Question and answer format, with very understandable language
  •  Cadmium Contamination of Food — ExToxNet FAQs The ExToxNet is a widely respected collaborative effort by several universities across the country. This site documents and distributes information on all kinds of toxic substances, from fertilizers to metals.
  • Minerals/Cadmium — HealthWorld Online This excerpt from “Staying Healthy with Nutrition: The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine” (by Dr. Elson M. Haas) focuses, again, on where cadmium comes from and what it can do.