Brian Jackson, Ph.D.

Leader, Trace Element Analysis
Core Facility at Dartmouth
Department of Earth Sciences
Dartmouth College
6105 Sherman Fairchild Hall, Room 221
Hanover, NH 03755-3571

Tel: 603-646-1272
Fax: 603-646-3922
E-mail: Brian.P.Jackson@Dartmouth.Edu

Areas of Expertise: Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Research: Brian’s research focuses on the environmental, biological and clinical applications of analytical techniques to probe the speciation and spatial distribution of contaminant elements. Brian has developed several speciation methods coupling liquid chromatography with ICP-MS to quantify arsenic species in foods such as rice, rice products and seaweeds and in biomarkers such as urine. Brian is also using laser ablation ICP-MS to study human accretionary tissues as temporal biomarkers of contaminant exposures and has applied this technique to spatial analysis of mercury in single hair strands and of contaminant metals in teeth.