Private Well Owners

Private Well Owners

A major goal of the CEC is to inform households that obtain their drinking water from private wells that their water is potentially contaminated with arsenic. Under current EPA regulations, no federal agency is mandated with ensuring the safety of private well water, therefore, we see town officials as key partners in our engagement activities concerning arsenic in these communities. We also work with our partners at the state Department of Environmental Services, Health and Human Services and U.S. Geological Survey to target towns in areas of New Hampshire that are known to be at higher risk for arsenic in well water. The Arsenic and Health Workgroup was recently created by the CEC to work together to add arsenic specific objectives to the NH Comprehensive Cancer Plan and then to collaboratively achieve these objectives. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Anna Adachi-Mejia, Community Engagement Core Leader.

Tools and Resources for Communities:

Well Water Community Action Toolkit





The Toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to help communities ensure the safety of private well water.

Be Well Informed

A new online application, Be Well Informed, will help private well owners choose a treatment system that is effective for their individual water characteristics.

Visit www.ArsenicandYou!

Visit ArsenicandYou to learn about arsenic and find out if your family might be exposed through private well water, food or other sources. The site includes easy steps to reduce your exposure and additional resources.

External Resources for Well Owners and Town Officials:

U.S. EPA: Private Drinking Water Wells
Estimated Probability of Arsenic in Groundwater from Bedrock Aquifers in New Hampshire, 2011
Well Water Testing Information for New England States
U.S. EPA: Safe Drinking Water Hotline
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