Research Translation

Celia Y. Chen, Ph.D. Leader, Research Translation Core

Laurie Rardin, M.E.S. Research Translation Core Coordinator

The Research Translation Core (RTC), facilitates the use of our research by federal and state government agencies, federal, state and local government officials, interest groups, public health organizations, scientific colleagues and public consumers who could be exposed to arsenic and mercury through their diet.  Creating trusted relationships between our investigators and our stakeholders is a key component of the RTC, to ensure that stakeholder needs are addressed by our research.

The RTC team excels in developing short videos to communicate our research, science-to-policy workshops to connect our scientists with policymakers and produce translation products designed for audiences from multiple stakeholder groups.  We also organize and implement the ongoing NH Arsenic Consortium. Our long-standing relationships with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Remedial Project Managers from Superfund sites in east and west coast areas have allowed our arsenic and mercury scientists access to sites to benefit our research and EPA risk assessments. Working with our scientists and trainees to be better communicators of their research has resulted in improved translation and we continue to expand on techniques to improve communication and health literacy. Examples of some of our past RTC projects on arsenic and mercury are on the page menu to the right with links to our arsenic website and recent publications.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our research, would be interested in discussing a collaboration opportunity, or if you have specific questions.