House Professor: Ryan C. Hickox


I’m the House Professor for West House, and am also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy, studying supermassive black holes in galaxies and how they grow through cosmic time. I live with my family in the West House Professor residence on Webster Avenue.

I was born and bred in Rhode Island, and was an undergrad at Yale where I played rugby and was a guitarist in a rock band, in addition to working on my senior thesis in experimental particle physics. After college I moved to England where I taught physics at Oundle School, a large boarding school, and then moved on to Harvard for my Ph.D. in astronomy. I then returned to the UK for a postdoctoral fellowship at Durham University, and then moved to Dartmouth where I’ve been since 2011. My interests outside physics include musicskiingNewcastle United (and West House IM soccer!), and traveling with my family.

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