Exec Board Minutes 2/5/2017

Minutes: February 5, 2017


  • Finalize Winter Carnival Plans
    • Prof. Hickox and Darby were told we cannot have a towel station on the ice
    • Noah recalled there being a tent on the road doing STD testing and asked to check if there was a way to have a tent on the road
      • This is apparently not possible
    • We are now planning towels and cocoa at Prof. Hickox’s house. There was a concern about attendance given that Hillel does cocoa and coffee and they are closer to the pond
    • It was impossible to rush order the big towels so we had to buy small towels
  • Update on House Directory
    • Noah met with Dean Biron and Mike Wooten and they prefer we have an opt in or opt out system instead of automatically placing student in the directory
    • Noah is meeting with Dean Burke soon to talk about the technical aspects of how to do this
  • Plans for Facilitation Discussions
    • Noah will reach out to Veselin to get an update on what was decided at Saturday‚Äôs meeting about aiding refugees
    • Hickox expressed his preference that we not add any new events to the calendar but instead incorporate guests into existing events like teas