Exec Board Minutes 2/19/2017

  1. Winter Carnival Tent Debrief
  • Tell people ahead of time to get there early! The got very long towards the end of the event.
  • We should do this in a different place!
  • A lot of people came down through the Choates, maybe just set up outside of Brown Hall? Or maybe the turn off to the Choates?
  • We had a good amount of people for the event, gave away around 70 mugs.
  1. Drinks Reception Debrief
  • It was wonderful, about 25-30 people came. Half faculty/staff and students.
  • It felt like people had a good time there and good connections seemed to be being made with people, good atmosphere but it would be nice for the numbers to expand.
  • Should we move the House dinners to Sunday nights, rather than Thursday?
  • We should have better advertisement and be sure that we enough people on door duty etc.
  • Should we hire student interns? To help with breakdown and posters?
    • House student assistant positions are already being listed on Jobnet, we should email Jeff Dewitt (hire two?) should the employees be West House members.
  1. House Directory Update
  • Meeting with Dean Burke this week?
  • Should we make a Facebook group as a backup if we can’t get the directory done?
  1. Operations Meeting Update
  • They have money for TV’s and we will be getting one for first floor Fahey.
  • We can also get movies and games to go with the TV, and we could set them up with the library to be checked out?
  • There will be a dining hall type screen in the Hypen for anouncements.
  •  We have the go ahead to set up libraries in the study rooms!
  •  We have the go ahead to get new furniture, we can find it or they have options that they can buy for us.
  •  Still pretty hesitant about making a Snack Bar out of the Hyphen, suggesting that we should just give food away for free.
  •  Issues with having a gym?
  • We need to have a quantitative view of how spaces are being used. We now have a week audit of what the usage of the spaces are, more info to come.
  1. Plans for Remainder of Winter
  • House Tea this Friday (about Med school.)
  • House dinner on the 7th of March, move it to the 5th
  1. Plans for Elections
  • Push for elections at the same time as Students Assembly in the Spring.
  • Elect: Chair, co-chair, general members
  • First year representation would be elected in the Fall during the ’21 only election.

House Fleeces

  • Should be coming this week! How should we distribute these throughout the house?
  • We ordered about 80, so there are enough for the UGA’s to each have one. Should we charge for them, and if so how do we go about doing that? (We wouldn’t charge more than 10.00 for them.)
  • In the long term, we won’t be able to give away house gear for free.
  • Is there more of a chance that people would actually wear it because they have to pay for them.
  • West House Exec. Board, pay for our fleeces.
  • West House student employees receiving them for free?
    • Make a Google Survey/Doc so that you can reserve your fleece but also have the option to note that you need financial aid. So have it set up so that they can submit privately to us that they need help.
    • Do we need 2x and 3x shirts?