Exec Board Minutes 3/5/2017


  1. Update on Elections
    • Noah met with head of EPAC: Elections planning and Advisory Commission.
    • Using OrgSync this year! So we will be able to sort by House. It will be easy to do House elections this way.
    • Get the specifics of what to do for each house, has been provided. Everything will be starting on Wednesday. Candidates will be told the campaign rules in an information session. There will be about four information sessions.
    • Should we hold open houses so that people get to talk to us and let them know what they would be doing?
    • Are we at the point where can loosely write job descriptions?
    • Do we want to have a reception or open house as an opportunity to talk about what the exec board etc.? Have it before the exec meeting?
  2. Spring Formal
    • Idea: Rather than an external formal, have a dance party within the house itself?
  1. Bartenders
    • Should we have our membership trained?
    • That way we can run our own events and do it all?
    • The Tips training is fairly short and online.
    • Should Tips training be something UGA’s can get CEC for?
  2. Field Trips to other House Systems
    • If it’s in the first few weeks in the term it could be a longer bit of time.
    • 3 hours to Yale, if you don’t hit traffic.
    • From talking to other systems is that we’re kind of on the right track?
    • Put a list together of issues that we’re worried about.
    • One overnight, one just Sunday?
  3. Apparel order
    • Converge on the stuff that we want to buy by the end of this week.
    • Have an order form done by the end of finals so that we can have a few weeks ahead.
    • West House blanket! Seems to be a good idea because it goes along with Dartmouth blankets.