The Westletter: Week of 3/26/17

THE WESTLETTER for the week of 3/26/17

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To add the West House calendar to your own calendar applications, you can use this iCal link.


Our next dinner and reception will be NEXT SUNDAY, April 2 at 6pm. Mark your calendars!


We will be hiring one or two West House Interns (approx. 5 hours per week each) to work on publicity, events, and other activities for the House. Thanks to those who already expressed interest! Application details will be available shortly and we hope to hire an intern(s) this week: if interested, please email for more information or details on how to apply.

House Professor’s Teas

The schedule for House Professor’s Teas is available here.

Our first HP Tea this Friday at 4:30pm in the Fahey First-Floor Lounge will be a general discussion about ideas for the future of common spaces in West House:

 Fahey Lounges, the Hyphen, study rooms, the Russell Sage “Cage” — West House has many common spaces and your House leadership is thinking about these can be best utilized for the West House Community. Have ideas for how we could best use the spaces? (a library, a cafe, a music studio, etc.?) Come join us for a discussion!

We’re still finalizing a number of our HP Tea guests for this term; you have an idea for guests or discussions (or would like to lead a Tea yourself!), please let us know. We’ll be using one or two of the Teas to highlight research by West House students, and in particular senior theses! If you’d like to present your work, please contact

Invite your student group to DINNER at the HP’S Residence! 

Over the past term we’ve had a wonderful time hosting the West House first-year floors for dinner at the HP’s Residence on Webster Ave. This term we’d like to extend this to all student groups: For any Westian who is a member of a student group (musical group, sports team, activist group, outdoors club, anything!) and would like to extend a dinner invitation to your group (including all students, not just West House members), please contact (Note that the most we can host our residence is about 25 or 30). Looking forward to seeing you in our home! 


We’ll be continuing House IM sports this term – it’s looking like there will be House leagues in volleyball and potentially softball and/or kickball. Watch this space! 


For Spring term we’ll be doing an order for more House merchandise; current ideas are fleeces, hoodies, T-shirts, baseball hats, PJ pants, and blankets. Every Westian will be able to order the specific item and size you like. The order form will be available soon! 

The House Council is currently in the process of setting up a full design process for official insignia for all six Houses, and we’re looking for your input on the official design for West House. We already got some ideas from the design submissions last spring, and will be looking for more by early/mid-April to include in the official design process. Of course, if you like our interim “elm tree” symbol (below) please let us know that as well, as we could possibly go with something similar for the final insignia. All ideas will be considered — watch this space! 

Free HOP tickets

West House has available free tickets for House members to attend world-class performances at the Hopkins Center each term. A full list of shows for Spring term is available here. If you’d like tickets, please contact Pamela at

Hilary Hahn, violin with Robert Levin, piano

Fri Mar 31 2017 – 8:00 PM

Grammy-winning violinist plays probing interpretations of Bach, Mozart, Schubert and more.


Our first Exec Board meeting of the term will be TONIGHT at 8:30pm in the McLane Seminar Room, to set the plans for the rest of term. This term we will be holding elections for the student Exec Board for 2017-18, to be run in concert with the SA election process. If interested, keep an eye on this space!