Exec Board Minutes 4/16


  1. Planning for House Dinner:
    • Drinks reception as expected, will work with Pamela to schedule bar tenders
  2. BrewHaha Co-Sponsorship:
    • We have emailed to say we are not able to cosponsor
  3. Election Planning:
    • Hickox will work with House Council to see if we can run independently
    • We can use OrgSync Forms to do our own balloting
    • Should be quick and easy, no more than 2 weeks
  4. Update on Gear:
    • Should order this week
  5. Recruit Bartenders:
    • Pamela has 4 people already TIPS trained and 4 who want training
    • We may be able use bartenders to act as door monitors
  6. Logo/Crest
    • 85% support for Elm Crest
    • We will work with design firm to get some proofs of final designs
    • Crest is preferred
    • Working to standardized across houses