Exec Board Minute 4/23/17


  1. Relay for Life
    • We will be registering.
    • Get more information in terms of when we need to be registered by.
  2. Election Planning
    • Send out email this week for students to express interest. Week of May 1st, announce the candidates and then do the actual elections on May 4th
      • Send email to the people that checked on the merch survey that they would be interested in being involved.
  1. All gear orders are submitted and should get by the housing date.
    • Should get here by a week from Friday
    • Extra set of short sleeved t-shirts ordered.
  2. Future IM’s and Green Key Plans
    • “The Main Street Mile” an event happening during Green Key.
      • Keep track of what House people are in and then put that into the score and then there can be a prize for the House that has a combination of the best scores and participation.
      • This is being run by the Upper Valley running club.
    • There’s a 3 on 3 basketball tournament May 4th, registration is up to May 2nd, we could try and get a team together.
    • Event during Green Key.
      • Music outside would be a challenge, because you have to clear it with the town.
      • We could make Green Key tank tops?
      • Are we able to add events to the schedule through the student organization form?
      • We’ll see what they say.
  1. Future Social Events
    • Do this more in the future if they actually do end BarHop.
      • Mitigate spending by only giving people drink tickets and you only get two tickets, so two drinks.
  1. Co-sponsorship
    • If we start sponsoring events then it opens it to lots of other organizations also asking for funding. Don’t want to be put in the position to need to choose which Greek events are okay to sponsor and which aren’t. Might also make it unclear what our mission as a house is.
  2. Indoor Spaces
    • Kathy Henault was out of town this week, we need to set up a meeting for it. Maybe we should coordinate this sort of meeting with the other houses? So there can be less confusion.