Undergraduate Advisors

West House Upperclass UGAs

Kelly Caputo ’19

Hi there! My name is Kelly Caputo and I’m a ’19 from Winter Haven, Florida. I am a Sociology major, Philosophy minor, and an upperclassman UGA on Fahey/McLane 4. Thus far, my favorite class at Dartmouth has been Sociology 1 with Professor Kimberly Rogers. My fun fact is that I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do! I look forward to seeing you all around!

Brad Carney ’20

I’m a ’20 at Dartmouth from Indiana and majoring in Philosophy. This year I am the UGA for Fahey/McLane 3rd floor. Everyone should take Writing 43: The Written Judicial Opinion if the opportunity presents itself! My interests besides Philosophy are doughnuts, film, podcasts and PC games.

Isaiah Briggs ’19

I’m a ’19 Majoring in African & African American Studies and Minoring in Sociology and Spanish. I’m a UGA for west house currently on the fourth floor of Russell Sage. I was born an raised in Oceanside, Southern California and enjoy playing music and sports. During my time here at Dartmouth one of my favorite classes has been Revolutions in the Caribbean. A random fun fact about me is that Raisin Bran is my favorite cereal!

Zoë Chandra ’21

My name is Zoë Chandra, and I’m a ’21 from McLean, Virginia. This year, I will be the UGA for the first floor of Russell Sage! I plan on majoring in either Economics or Quantitative Social Science, with a minor in Public Policy. So far my favorite class at Dartmouth was my writing 5, Experience and Education, with Professor Francine A’Ness. In addition to being a UGA, I am a campus tour guide and also teach at elementary schools in the Hanover area through the Dartmouth Center for Social Impact. I love traveling to new places, and have visited 17 different countries so far!

Tara Greaney ’20

I am Tara Greaney, a ’20 from Sisters, Oregon. I am a UGA on the second floor of Fahey/McLane. I am majoring in Engineering. My favorite class so far was Shades of Noir, a film class I took my freshman fall. My favorite animal has been the jaguar since my sister gave me a stuffed jaguar when I was five.

Katie Harris ’19

Hi, everyone! My name is Katie Harris (’19), and I’m the UGA for Fahey/McLane floors 0 and 1. I grew up in central Illinois, and I’m a neuroscience major here at Dartmouth. My favorite class so far has been “Music from the Lands of the Silk Road” taught by Professor Levin. Unfortunately, it’s not offered this year, but I recommend keeping an eye out for it–especially if you want to enhance your musical repertoire. Fun fact about me: I give free fly fishing lessons. Contact me if you’re interested!

Jae Hong ’20

My name is Jae Hong and I’m a member of the Class of 2020. I was born in South Korea and raised mainly in the cities spread through Southern California. I now live in Butterfield and am the UGA for the entire building. When I’m not making door decorations or bulletin boards, I lead for the DOC through People of Color Outdoors and Cabin and Trail and also participate in the Cheer Team. I’m a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Psychology double major with a minor in English and the best class I have taken at Dartmouth was NAS 42/WGSS 40.01. Professor Palmer was so engaging, always had a word of wisdom for our class and had so many stories to tell that left us with some new knowledge of the world. Don’t be afraid to blitz me if you want to find out more about the things that I do!

Don Joo ’19

Hi, my name is Don Joo, and I am a ’19. I was born in Busan, South Korea, but I have moved around the US quite a bit. I have lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Tennessee, so home for me is basically anywhere there is friends and family. I am the UGA for the 2nd Floor of Russell Sage. I am majoring in chemistry and pursuing pre-medical studies. My favorite Dartmouth classes so far have been Physical Chemistry (CHEM 76) with Professor Ditchfield and Death and Dying (ANTH 14) with Professor Kan. I am also an undergraduate research assistant. My research encompasses molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs), which is part of my thesis work. When I’m not studying or in lab, I love playing video games (even if I’m not good at them), soccer, or ping pong and having late night discussions.

Maya Velez ’21

My name is Maya Velez and I am a 21. I am from New York City, but spent most of my childhood abroad in France and Switzerland. At Dartmouth, I am a prospective Government or Cognitive Science major along with being the UGA for the third floor of Russell Sage. My favorite class so far has been Experience and Education with Francine A’Ness which inspired me to pursue the minor in Education. Finally, a fun fact about me is that I don’t have a first language: I learned French and English at the same time!


West House First-Year UGAs

Sam Abel ’21

Sam (’21) is so excited to be the UGA for Brown 2 this year! She hails from the Finger Lakes in Upsate New York and is planning on becoming an English major. When she’s not with her residents, you can find Sam studying at Sanborn, catching a show at the Hop, or working at the Admissions office, where she is an Access Ambassador. Her favorite class she has taken at Dartmouth so far is Acting 2 with Professor Rice, and her favorite person on campus is Winston the therapy dog.

Vincent Chang ’21

I’m a ’21 and am the UGA for the first floor of Brown in the Choates. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and definitely do miss consistent weather. I am planning to major in Geography, while also completing pre-health requirements. Something interesting about myself is that I was originally supposed to be a ’19, but took two gap years and am now a ’21.

Summer Christensen ’21

Hi, I’m Summer Christensen, and I am a ’21 from Santa Barbara, CA. This year, I am the UGA for Brown 3 in the Choates. I am still undecided on my major, but my favorite classes at Dartmouth have been Earth Science 1 and CS1. When not in class or on my floor, you can catch me fencing saber at the gym, something I had never tried before Dartmouth. What you may not know, however, is that I can make my tongue the shape of a clover.

Brittany Cleary ’21

My name is Brittany and I’m from Greenwich, CT. I’m a ’21 and the UGA for the 3rd floor of Judge Hall. I plan on majoring in biology and am considering minors in education and Hispanic studies. Though I’ve taken many amazing classes at Dartmouth, my favorite so far has been “The Art of the Interview,” a writing 5 with Professor Susan Reynolds which I took during my freshman fall. In my free time I love to go for runs and wait in the Collis pasta line (in my opinion, it’s worth it). Fun fact about me: I’m obsessed with Greek yogurt and Bachelor in Paradise.

Kirstyn Coxen ’19

I’m in the class of 2019 getting ready to graduate as a double major in Biology and Psychology with a minor in Global Health of Anthropology. This year, I will be a UGA for first-years on Wheeler 3, but I have been a House UGA in both Russell Sage and Fahey/McLane for the past two years. I grew up in Monument, Colorado – right outside of Denver, but spent my middle/high school years in Treasure Island, Florida. My favorite class at Dartmouth so far has been Photography 1. It was labor intensive but helped me learn a lot about myself both personally and as a photographer. It also sparked my interest in film photography, which I have continued to practice independently. One of my favorite places to spend time is in the darkroom developing film and prints.

Shannon Sartain ’21

My name is Shannon Sartain and I am a ’21 from Long Island, NY. I am a FYRE UGA for the ground floors of Mid and South Fayerweather. I am planning on majoring in Earth Sciences with a possible modification or minor in Engineering and/or Geography. My favorite class at Dartmouth so far was Earth Sciences 1—we got to take field trips for lab every week to super interesting geologic or environmental sites in or around Hanover. A random fun fact about me is that I’ve never had braces. A more interesting fact about me is that I knocked over my next door neighbor’s mailbox the first time I drove a car. On campus, I love seeing movies at the Hop, hiking with the DOC, and eating Collis eggs and pasta.