Exec Board Minutes 1/16/17

  • Ice Castle Trip
    • Many people who said they were going to go to the Ice Castle Trip, did not show up
    • Before, there have been financial penalties for not showing to events, but very lenient
    • Will be followed up
  • Towels/Warm Up Station for Winter Carnival
    • Need to get ahead with ordering towels for polar plunge
    • Considering the time lag that has happened with the fleeces, we need to get ahead with ordering the towels
    • Need to decide on size of towel
    • Chair Noah will follow up with Prof. Hickox
  • Possibility of having a booth at Relay for Life event on January 27th
    • Can give out free mugs or gear
    • Ring toss game?
    • Most members expressed interest in running a booth at the event
    • Noah is following up with Relay for Life to confirm our commitment to running a booth
  • Posse Plus Retreat
    • Posse wants West Exec. Council to help advertise their retreat on Feb. 24
    • We will commit to support Posse
  • New storage room on first floor of Russell Sage
    • Darby is getting keys for executive members
    • Addition of coffee machine in West House office
    • Screen and projector are currently in West House office and will probably be kept there since UGA’s in Russell Stage on the first floor sometimes leave the door open

Exec Board Minutes 1/8/17

Minutes from 1/8/17

  1. We have a team for the IM Basketball group and we have a game on Friday night, either 6:15 or 7:30. Anyone who is not a varsity basketball player can join, and you can sign up throughout the term. Dinner group before a game? Before an IM basketball game and maybe Dartmouth College hockey game.
  2. Fleeces! Have been ordered already? In the black design.
  3. Dinners starting this Tuesday! Advertise!

Post things about dinners on the Vox Daily, Dartmouth Calendar, or the Dartmouth App! Try and get people from all around campus it’s a free meal.

Post events on Facebook for just about every event that way it shows students how much programming we are doing whether or not they actually show up.

Can Prof. Hickox host events at his home? –there isn’t enough space to have a large group in his home, also questionable if it is too out of the way and if students will actually be able to find it? Do a few events there just to give West House a more homey feel.

  1. Weekly Tea Guests

-Prof Hickox

-Prof Nyhan

-Prof Coates

-Dr. Lisa Adams

Noah (Reach out to Pamela to see if we can get posters for Tuesday’s dinner)

Try and make a full calendar/poster with most of the events we have for West House.

  1. Winter Carnival

Students think that Warm Up stations are a great way to have activities!

-Use the tent from Homecoming

-Warm Up Station for Polar Bear plunge and give out West House towels! (Maybe blankets?) Possibly have a polar bear on them? Say: “I did the Polar Bear Plunge” Say: “We did it” but have the “W” be the West house logo.

-Then have something at the Prof’s house because it’s so close to many of the events during Winter Carnival.

Maybe just do the ice sculptures rather than snow sculptures?

  1. Ice Castle Trip for this weekend since we would have another day with MLK Day?

-Could rent a mini-van (that’s only 7 people) so we would need a bus

-Programming board capped out at 100 in 2 minutes.

-So we are just getting one bus and capping the number of people we can bring there.

-50 people 16 bucks each 800 dollars

Faculty and Staff Affiliates

The West House community also includes dozens of faculty and staff affiliates, who have elected to obtain House membership, or are connected to the House through their first-year advising responsibilities. West House faculty include experts in every discipline from Music to Government to Brain Sciences and everything in between, and our staff are drawn from all across the College and have a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. You’ll see House affiliates at events in the House itself, at the House Professor’s residence, and just around campus. Get to know them!

House Administrator: Pamela Duffy

Pamela Duffy is the Administrator for West House. She organizes all manner of House activities, and splits her time between West House and the Living Learning Communities in the McLaughlin Cluster. Her office is on the first floor of Fahey on the left as you come in the front door. She is in West House all day on Mondays and Wednesdays, and from 1pm to 5pm on Fridays.
Please stop in and say hello!

Student Executive Board

Student governance is a critical aspect of House life, and West House activities are governed by a student Executive Board.

Executive Board members include:

Chair: Ryan Monasch’ 19
Co-Chair: Zach Segal ’20

Meetings are Sundays at 6:30 pm in the ground floor meeting room of McLane (dinner is provided!) All West House members are welcome to join.




House Professor: Ryan C. Hickox


I’m the House Professor for West House, and am also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy, studying supermassive black holes in galaxies and how they grow through cosmic time. I live with my family in the West House Professor residence on Webster Avenue.

I was born and bred in Rhode Island, and was an undergrad at Yale where I played rugby and was a guitarist in a rock band, in addition to working on my senior thesis in experimental particle physics. After college I moved to England where I taught physics at Oundle School, a large boarding school, and then moved on to Harvard for my Ph.D. in astronomy. I then returned to the UK for a postdoctoral fellowship at Durham University, and then moved to Dartmouth where I’ve been since 2011. My interests outside physics include musicskiingNewcastle United (and West House IM soccer!), and traveling with my family.

Resident Fellows

The Resident Fellows are graduate students who live in West House and are part of the leadership team for the community. As well as taking part in House activities, and spending time in the community, they will be holding weekly office hours in the House to offer help with their respective academic fields or for personal or professional guidance.

Jennifer Franks (Biomedical Sciences, Butterfield)

Hi West House! My name is Jennifer Franks and I am a 5th year PhD candidate in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences. I am living on the first floor of Butterfield. I am originally from Noblesville, Indiana and did my undergrad work in Statistics and Genetics at Purdue University. A fun fact about me is that I used to competitively show llamas for 10+ years. Most of my current days are spent in a research lab in Remsen but outside of that, I enjoy cooking, hiking, and ballroom dancing.

Cory Cline (Engineering, Butterfield)

I’m Cory Cline from Colorado and I’m a PhD Candidate at Thayer School of Engineering, specialized in Material Sciences. When I’m not in the lab, you might find me around Butterfield or at the gym; you’ll definitely be seeing me at West House events. I’m easy to talk to, so don’t hesitate to approach me. I’m into high adrenaline experiences; I’ve sky dived and I’m on my way to obtaining a recreational pilot’s license. Something that generally surprises people is my age; I recently turned 23 and am now a third year PhD student. I guess you could say I’m enthusiastic about learning, I’d rather joke that I’m just a go-getter.

Anja Subasic (Computer Science, Fahey)

My name is Anja Subasic and I am a second year MS student in the Computer Science department at Dartmouth. I am a resident fellow for West House this year, and I live in Fahey. I am originally from Belgrade, Serbia, where I lived until I moved to the US to get my Bachelor’s degrees in Music Performance and Computer Science.  Something interesting about me is that I played with the Belgrade Philharmonic when I was in high school, and until my junior year of undergrad I wanted to be a professional orchestral musician! I eventually decided to keep percussion as a hobby and get a masters in CS, which brought me to Dartmouth. Next year I hope to move to the West Coast and get a job as a data scientist!

Edel Auh (Medicine, Russell Sage)

My name is Edel Auh, and I’m currently an M1 at Geisel School of Medicine. I’m one of the Resident Fellows, and I currently live on the first floor of Russell Sage. Fun fact about me: I’m actually an ’18 who just graduated! I was a Comparative Literature major (specializing in Japanese translation) and Global Health in Anthropology and Japanese double minor. If you have any questions for a recent Dartmouth grad or about pre-med or life at Dartmouth in general, feel free to reach out to me or stop by my room for a chat. I love food, so I’m always down for a meal at Collis or Foco with people!