About Dartmouth WIB:

WIB Executive Board 19F 

Who We Are:

Founded in 1995, Women in Business (WIB)  is Dartmouth’s premier pre-professional organization for undergraduate women interested in business. Women in Business aims to increase awareness of business industries and opportunities in the Dartmouth community through supporting, educating, and creating a network of Dartmouth women and alumni. 

How Can I Get Involved?

WIB has weekly meetings every Tuesday in Carson L02 from 6:30-7:30pm. All genders, classes, and majors are welcome. At these meetings, WIB members mentor younger students, invite professors to speak on academic topics relating to business, and host educational seminars on networking, recruiting, and different business sectors. 

Our Core Programs:

In addition to our weekly meetings, WIB prepares our members for future business opportunities through Professional Development, Associates Program, Undergraduate Mentoring, Weekly Opportunity Newsletters, Tuck Business School Engagement, and Alumni Engagement. 

Professional Development

WIB organizes and sponsors many valuable corporate networking events, panels, and workshops that teach important career skills. Every term, these include exclusive sessions for WIB members. Look for WIB’s professional development events on our calendar.

WIB Associates Program allows members to become more involved through participating in the Associate Training Program (comprised of helpful resources and workshops), access to multiple WIB mentors, receiving priority in attending WIB exclusive networking events, and guidance in internship searching and business career exploration. 

WIB creates a tight-knit, well-connected network of women interested in business through its undergraduate mentoring program. Mentorship socials and events allow participants to develop lasting relationships. 

Weekly Opportunity Newsletters

WIB sends out weekly newsletters to members detailing business opportunities on campus and internship and job offerings. These newsletters can also be found under the Opps blog.  The newsletter in split into two parts, the first part covering finance/consulting opportunities and the second part covering other business industries such as tech, marketing and PR, fashion, entertainment, information research/business technology solutions, engineering, and NGOs.

Local Internships Program (LIP)

The Dartmouth Women in Business Local Internship Program pairs highly qualified undergraduate women with local companies in the Hanover area looking to expand their talent pool and add diversity to the workforce. The internship is an unpaid 10-week commitment during the winter or spring term. It is tailored to the specific needs of the company regardless of the company size or industry. WIB execs will help screen applicants first and send shortlisted candidates to partner companies for further consideration. For more information on this program, visit the internship page.

Business School Engagement

WIB partners with Tuck Business School organizations, including Tuck Women in Business. Evens with Tuck aim to expand and develop members’ understanding of business, professional skills, and networks. In the past, these have included Tuck Women in Business panels, case workshops, and luncheons.

Alumni Engagement

WIB maintains its affiliation with alumni through a termly newsletter, alumni database, and alumni-student mentoring program. Please visit our Alumni registration page to get involved.