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 No. 42 – Fall 2012/Winter 2013

Editors’ Note
The Editors

Integrating Socially-Inclusive Peace-Building Objectives into Post-Conflict Economic Development
Daniel Bornstein

Trade Diversion Effect within Currency Unions: A Disaggregated Approach
Wills Begor

China-Africa Relations: Implications for African Development
Michelle Lee

Institutionalizing Women’s Rights: Interview with Lisa Baldez
World Outlook Staff

Tapline, Syria, and the Suez Crisis: An Analysis of Pipeline Politics in the Era of Nasser and the Cold War
Michael Schwartz

Silenced Secession: The Cabindan Tragedy
Kelly Tropin

Tangier, Morocco: A Photo Essay
Elena Zinski

Staff Editorial: Israeli Politics
Axel Hufford

Staff Editorial: Is Oil South Sudan’s Flaw?
Feyaad Allie

No. 41 – Winter 2012

Editors’ Note
The Editors

East Turkestan and the Uyghur Self-Determination Movement
Daniel Schley ’12

Stalemate in the Western Sahara: Efficacy, Intractability, and Prospects for Revolution
Andrew Willinger ’12

An Obligation and a Privilege: Examining the Prevalence and Prestige of the Hajj in the Modern Moroccan Society
Amelia Raether ‘

The Famine of 1984: The Cause Celebre of a Generation
Sarah Frostenson ’11

State Noncompliance with International Human Rights Law: A Case Study of Human Rights Violations in the Philippines from 1986 to 1992
Kevin Mallen ’11

Biodiversity Derivatives: Benefits, Problems, and Costs for the World
Shiyu Xu ’12

Interview with Micah Zenko of the Council on Foreign Relations
World Outlook Staff

Staff Editorial: Señor and Señora Populista
Nicholas Preti ’15

Staff Editorial: The Price of Peace – Is the Mexican (American) Drug War Worth It?
Justin Ciambella ’13

Staff Editorial: Trade Wars – On U.S. Trade with China
Manav Raj ’15

Staff Editorial: Anwar al-Awlaki’s Citizenship and the Rule of Law
Michael Altamirano ’13

No. 40 – Summer 2011

Editors’ Note
The Editors

Legal Deterrence During Genocide: International Criminal Court Indictments and the Hope to Deter in Darfur
Paul Strauch ’13

A Diamond in the Rough: The Council of Europe’s Successful Shaming of Turkey in 1980-83
Matthew Lu ’13

Beyond the Blame Game: An Assessment of the Motivations, Policies, and Obstacles Behind Mexico’s Cartel Violence
Ben Schenk ’12

Developing the International Community: An Interview with Jose Ocampo
World Outlook Staff

The Eye of the Beholder: Islamic Finance
Understanding Islamic Banking Products, Problems, and the Need to Modernize
John Spradling ’11

Rights at the Margin
Sandeep Chhabra

No. 39 – Winter 2011

Editors’ Note
Gent Salihu ’11 and John Mei ’11

Comparing Environmental Governance in Russia and China, 1989 – 2009
Jonas Crimm

Social Justice, Environmental Sustainability and the Relocation of the
Bikinians, 1946 – 1978
Peter Sutoris ’11

Who is that Woman in the Mirror? A Discussion of Chinese Women, Desire, and the Postmodern Condition in Wang Anyi and Chen Ran
Frances Dales ’10

Talk on Terror: Interview with Max Abrahms
World Outlook Staff

Regime Resilience in China and Cuba: A Comparative Perspective
Nathaniel Farrar ’10

Give and Take: An Examination of the Modern Philanthropic Traditions of Russia, China, and the U.S.
Matthew Cable ’11

No. 38 – Summer 2010

Editors’ Note
The Editors

The Creation of A.Q.Khan’s Network and the Emerging Ideology of the Nuclear Have-Not
John Mathias ’11

Do Politics Drive FDI? The Relationship Between Political Risk And Foreign Direct Investment
Nicholas Lomanto ’10

Rock-Solid Relationships: Business Networks and the Globalization of production in the Natural Stone Industry
Charlie Grant ’11 and Reed Stephens ’11

Review: Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Blood and Culture: Youth, Right-Wing Extremism, and National Belonging in Contemporary Germany
John Mei ’11

Double Dip? Danny Blanchflower on the Economic Crisis
World Outlook Staff

The Dangers of Legal Origin
Alley Edlebi ’09

The Role of the Secret Police in Communist Collapse: Stasi, Securitate, and KGB
Kevin Karp ’10

No. 37 – Winter 2010

Editor’s Note
Noah Dentzel ’10

Graduate Unemployment in China: Motivations, Results, and Implications
Mutian Liu ’11

NATO’s Uncertain Future: Terrorism and the Challenge of Risk
David Peterson ’10

Navies and Neo-Mercantilism Explaining Powers’ Raw Materials Security Strategies
Zachary Riskind

Navigating the Blackwater: Private Security Contractors and Iraqi Counterinsurgency
Alexa Hoyne

Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned: Palestinian Female Suicide Bombers
Dana Grinshpan

The impact of Political Violence on Tourism in the Middle East and North Africa
Ghermayn Baker ’12

No. 35 – Spring 2008 

Editors’ Note
The Editors

Pessimism and Optimism
Ambassador Jonathan Moore ’57

“They Came Home Talking Dirty”
Sarah Hughes ’07

Between the Will and the State
Adam Breuer ’09

Memory, Myth-Making and Their Implications for Ethnic Genocide
Julia Hecht ’08

Daniel Ellsberg, Theorist
Yangyang Liu ’09

FDI in Three Southern Indian States
Michael Sloan-Rossiter ’08

Choosing Between the Two
Carmen Jo Ponce (Columbia ’09)

No. 34 – Fall 2007 

Editors’ Note
The Editors

British Hate Crime Laws: A Millian Critique
Morgan Cohen ’08

Campaign Finance Reform in the House of Lords
Jonathan Smith ’08

Homo Sacer and Clinical Testing in the Developing World
Micaela Klein ’10

Exporting Justice: A Study of the Effectiveness of Spanish Trials on Guatemala
Kathleen Moriarty ’09

Escaping Tragedy: Why China Will Not Fight
Michael Belinsky ’08