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I’m writing to you now from the Holiday Inn Express in Manchester, NH after a long 2 days of travel and being unexpectedly stranded here overnight on my way home. Due to the “weather” on the East Coast yesterday, many of our travel plans back from BC were thwarted. Despite the inconvenience, we are certainly glad of the snow that the storms have brought here. It makes coming home a little bit less like being woken up from the magical dream of Silver Star.

Seriously though, the skiing in Silver Star was probably the best that I and many others have ever seen. Over three feet of snow on the ground, fresh tracks, and beautiful mountain views. It was a cross-country skier’s dream.


Last week Charlotte shared about the colder part of our stay, but I am relieved to say that the temperature climbed to comfortable levels in the second part of our camp. First it was in the ‘teens, then the twenties, then climbing to a balmy high of thirty degrees. In these temperatures, we were able to get in some good workouts without worrying about freezing our faces off. Yay! By the end of the week we had done two interval sessions, two OD’s, downhill practice, technique, and some flashlight-free night skiing thanks to the full moon! By this point, I think most of us were beginning to feel more comfortable training at altitude, and while Friday’s L4 intervals were not exactly easy, they were a bit less painful than the races in the first week. It is neat to feel your body acclimate to altitude, even if the fatigue from so much training sets in just as you are starting to adjust.


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Hi Friends!

Charlotte here, reporting from our training camp in Narnia! (More commonly known as Silver Star, British Columbia).


Unfortunately our wardrobe was not cooperating, so we had to take a couple of travel days to get here via airplane and bus. But it was worth it. Kilometers upon kilometers of trails, tons of snow, gorgeous vistas, snow-covered pines, cold temperatures, and snow make for some great skiing. And did I mention snow? After the snow drought Hanover and the rest of the East has experienced for the past two years, we’re all pretty thrilled to be rolling in an excess of the stuff.

After sorting out a bit of an accommodations mix-up between the residents of the Nut Hut and the Dinner Haus (given the condos’ relative kitchen sizes and the presence of certain allergies and food preferences on the team, the resolution of this dilemma was essential), we dove right into ski mode, breaking out our skate skis upon arrival. Our first session of camp was limited by our arrival time and the setting sun. Given the fact that many of us hadn’t been on snow since last February, this was probably for the best.

The next morning, however, we were able to get in a good classic ski. We set off exploring Silver Star’s extensive trails. And snapped some photos, of course.


For our afternoon session we skated out to the stadium at the Sovereign Lakes section of the trail system to do some speeds and get a feel for the coming weekend’s race venue. It was great to try something a little faster and really get our feet under us on the snow.

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