Jessa’s blog post

I think it will suffice to say that this week has been a difficult one for the Dartmouth ski team. However, the adversity we faced certainly helped me realize how grateful I am to be part of such a close-knit and compassionate group of people. Though the devastating grief of Torin’s loss hit everybody in different ways, I was amazed by how the team came together to make sure nobody struggled alone.

After a long and very emotional Sunday, many of us spent the evening in the locker room inhaling questionably healthful bleach fumes as we colored our hair the traditional pink in preparation for Dartmouth Carnival. Continue reading

Remembering Torin

1Torin N. Tucker ‘15

People often ask me what I think about while I race. Usually, it’s some wholly insignificant train of consciousness. Every once in a while, however, I strike on gold, some thought that really keeps me going. On Saturday, my thoughts were on my team and how we make each other better. To be perfectly honest, without my teammates present and past, I quite literally would not have been able to race Craftsbury Marathon. Between leaving my ski boots in the locker room back in Hanover to putting my wax on the wrong bus to bringing two different poles (one was a skate, rollerskiing pole… for a classic race), I was a mess. We often joke that there is always one ‘perpetual freshman’ per class and I hands down took that title this weekend. But since all of my teammates over the years care so much for each other, I managed to borrow boots through two Dartmouth ‘12s and an Alaska Winter Stars/South High School teammate, wax from the lovely Charlotte ‘16, and poles from Laurel ‘14 and later alum Meg ’13 after I broke a strap on one of Laurel’s poles. Needless to say, it was a nice feeling to know that so many people had my back and I think that’s the thing I love most about skiing, having such a tight community.

Which brings me to the elephant in the room; During the marathon on Saturday, one of our beloved teammates collapsed and passed away. Some of the people first on the scene were Dartmouth alumni, friends, and several current students. To say this experience has been hard on the team is an understatement. With the grief so fresh, it has been difficult for anyone to really grasp what has happened. We are reeling from the shock of it all, and the pain of losing Torin so abruptly. Continue reading