Kaley’s Camp WrapUp

After a solid week of training, including lots of volume and a classic race, it was time for a rest day. A popular hangout spot was Bugaboos Bakery Café, where we sipped on Dutch hot chocolate and enjoyed freshly baked pastries.


Our view from the café 

In addition to Tuesday being our first day off it was the big reveal for the team’s Secret Santa exchange. The previous weekend the Secret Santas left different forms of clues around Silver Star, ranging from poems to mysterious messages. Some gifts were practical (i.e., chocolates, a hat, bacon) and some were practical jokes (i.e., a clip-on tie for captain Julia).


Secret Santa clues 

After a full day of resting and recovering, we hit the ground running with a team sprint.  While skiing is a team sport, it often feels like an individual sport. Everyone sets individual goals and gets individual results but ultimately the team result is what matters. In a team meeting, one of our freshmen talked about how excited she was to join the Dartmouth ski team, because for years she watched the team race and saw what set the Dartmouth girls apart from the rest of the field—how much fun they had and how hard they cheered for their teammates. Working together in the relay was a fun way to work hard and really come together as a team.


Teammates Cara Piske ’18 and Corey Stock ’16

We started the next day off with one of our favorite sessions of the week, downhill training. The East is known for its icy conditions and technical courses, so practicing downhill technique is just as important as practicing any other technique. While racing down the s-turns we focused on maintaining momentum while staying in control of the hill and completed the workout with no serious crashes or broken poles!
On Friday morning we had a freestyle agility session followed by a recovery ski in the afternoon. Were treated to a beautiful sunset at the end of our recovery ski!


A Silver Star sunset

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10 Things that only happen at ski camp

Hi friends,

Here we are at Silver Star! How are we doing after almost a week of on-snow training? I can’t speak for the rest of the team, but for myself I can say, tired but happy, and psyched for another week of skiing! Seriously, the snow here is perfect and we couldn’t have asked for better weather so far.


I have heard that people these days like to read lists on the internet, so I present to you the list of 10 Things that only happen at ski camp. This is, of course, not an exhaustive list, but it covers some of the highlights of our time at camp so far. Enjoy!

1. Traveling for 26 hours to get here. The connecting flight to Kelowna, BC getting canceled, so most of the team has to stand in line at customer service for 2 hours to get re-booked, then almost missing the next flight because that one gets delayed. Extra lucky if you have teammates to hold the plane for you!

2. Having half the team’s luggage lost in transit. Finally getting it back after the first few days of camp. But, in the meantime, sharing is caring!

3. L3 intervals, followed by a 5k race, several additional hours of skiing, lifting, and a 3.5 hour OD. All in the course of 3 days. Generally trying to fit as much skiing as possible into each day without tiring ourselves past the point of no return. It’s amazing how much our bodies can actually handle, I think we sometimes underestimate our capacity to push the limits, and it’s great to see that our summer and fall training has prepared us to handle this much skiing.


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