Haley’s Update

This past week we had the last recovery week of the term before week 9 of classes and the start of finals! It was a much-needed recovery, as the team has been putting in some solid training in the last few weeks. Monday we started things off with morning lift and then had the afternoon off so we could get a head start on our work and make sleep a higher priority! Tuesday afternoon was a jog and spenst in Pine Park and the team did really well after a max squatting day in the gym on Monday! A highlight of the week was the OD run on Wednesday, the team did Moose Mountain to Trescott. It was a much flatter run than usual but there were no shortage of views from the top of Moose Mountain!

Pic2 Pic1

Thursday was the usual job and lift in Floren but the weather was beautiful for the entirety of the workout. Friday consisted of a skate speeds, no pole, and agility on Route 10. The main workout of the week was the simulation spring around Occum Pond on Sunday morning. We did our best to simulate a real race warm before skiing in a qualifier, a quarterfinal, a semifinal and a final, i.e. four laps around Occum Pond. It was a super fun way to add intensity to the week, its always fun to go head to head with teammates for race practice and the heats were a fun way to play with different tactics and techniques! Sunday was definitely a highlight of the week, as many girls felt stronger and faster after a solid week of recovery! We are counting down the days until Silver Star/skiing on snow and this week was a much-needed break before the final hard weeks of the term!


(Molly and Jessa on a recovery ski, a very New England roller ski experience)

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