Grit and Determination!

IMG_0384What a week it has been on the Dartmouth Ski Team!

I have always thought that this team had grit and determination, but I think this week was exemplary and brought out the best in all of us. This week was the camel’s hump of the Dartmouth 10 week term and it is typically when everything starts to hit. Final projects aren’t that far away any more, midterms are stacking up, and the fatigue truly sets in. Being a very kind and intelligent coach, Cami made this week the ultimate rest week. We were able to ski at the beginning of the week up at Green’s, which was a prime agility session on the icy trails, but also very beautiful. On Tuesday, we ventured over to the Golf Course in hopes of finding patches of snow and were pleasantly surprised. We started a great game of capture the flag between the upper and underclassmen which encouraged lots of skiing, sprints here and there, and nourished a great competitive atmosphere. The upperclassmen won, but that’s just cause they know the golf course better and it would be rude for us youngins to not let our respected upperclassmen win!24309476224_d17b336bc4_z

It was an interesting week mentally because walking around campus felt like March: the birds were singing, the grass was getting greener by the minute, and that lovely spring vibe was everywhere. Knowing that it was only the first week of February was hard to believe, but also so comforting because the season is not over yet and there is still hard racing to be done!!

IMG_0253Following several rest days, it was time to race!! The team traveled up to Craftsbury, VT for the UVM Carnival, for a 5k skate and 10k classic race. Pulling up to a race venue is one of the neatest feelings. You can feel the energy, the nerves, and the sheer sense of possibility. Most racers are in that special place of putting pressure on themselves, while also trying to realize that life will continue post race and there is nothing to lose out on the race course. That mindset makes people excited, determined, and almost invisible. The music, face tattoos, glitter, skis everywhere and amping up your teammates all make race day, a day of true grit and spirit. And our team thrived.

On Saturday, we had five girls in the top 20, with four of those in the top 10 and two of those on the podium! Our fierce freshman, Lydia Blanchet took the win followed by her captain Corey in 3rd. It was amazing! That energy was carried through to Sunday when Lydia took 3rd, and five more girls were in the top 20. All of these amazing results, in combination with the boys and alpine team brought Dartmouth a 2nd Carnival win!! We are sure breaking that four year dry spell. We are doing well, I can feel the energy and determination to compete hard increasing day by day and I’m so excited to see the history this team will make! Next on the docket: pink hair, Dartmouth Carnival, and yes of course, Carni crushes!!! Stay tuned, because things are about to get even more exciting!

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