No Snow?!

The East Coast is continuing its streak of no snow. Following frigid racing at Dartmouth carnival and an over distance ski in -15 degrees, Hanover made a 60-degree weather shift, and by Tuesday it was 40 degrees and raining. But weather doesn’t stop the Dartmouth ski team! -15 degree racing? No problem. Spin bike workouts because there is no snow anywhere near campus? No problem. So, on Tuesday the team cranked up the jams and got pumped about “spin-tervals,” The positive mentality on this team is unwavering. My teammates are excited whether they are gliding along freshly groomed tracks in Silver Star or spin biking and running in February. And on the bright side, we still haven’t resorted to roller skiing!

IMG_5394Grass skiing?

The results don’t change either. In fact, the team just keeps improving. Last weekend we traveled to the Williams Carnival in Lake Placid. On Friday, flying freshman Lydia led the team with a fifth place in the skate 10K, followed closely by Emily Hannah in sixth. This set the team up well for a killer 5k classic pursuit in some of the craziest conditions I’ve ever seen. We awoke to 40 degrees, rain and nearly impossible waxing conditions. Half the team chose klister, the other half decided to ski on zeros…I don’t know if any of our skis actually kicked, but everyone made the best of it and we ended up with some great results. Mary had the third fastest time of the day and moved up to seventh overall! I think the most credit goes to our amazing coaches. We must have tested every klister, hardwax and combination of the two. Cami and Ruff kept a steady pace all morning, juggling our testing information, scraping and re-waxed our skis and re-sanding our zeros.

IMG_5367Mary waving the flag high after her speedy 5k classic

So, here’s to positive teammates, great coaches and crazy weather patterns! Keep the snow dances coming.

IMG_5377 Mary hitches a ride to the awards ceremony

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