Week #1!

Today wraps up an amazing first week of training. By amazing, I really do mean amazing…ask any of the underclassmen who would probably regard my enthusiasm for our first week’s workouts as strange and probably excessive. While I’m not going to refute either of those two adjectives, I will say that I think that I am justified in my eager optimism. We started out our week with a 7:30 am captain’s practice core session. Despite the early start and a hectic first day of classes ahead, the entire team showed up motivated and excited to begin the first week of training. The enthusiasm continued throughout the week, from L3 bounding intervals at Oak Hill with the men’s team, to our 2 hour OD ending at the Dartmouth Skiway, to the Canadian Strength Test on Thursday. IMG_3097 IMG_3107 Honestly, by the end of the day Thursday, I already felt as though I had been on campus for two months, but nonetheless, our week was not over! The entire Dartmouth ski team got the chance to train together and cheer each other on during our annual Velvet Rocks Uphill Time trial on Friday. The women’s Nordic team flew up the hill, with everyone running right around or below 10 minutes. Taryn led the group with a time of 8 minutes and 34 seconds, while Lydia came in a close second. Following the workout, Hillary led some games that integrated the Nordic and Alpine teams and the evening culminated with a delicious barbeque. FullSizeRenderA forecast of rain for Sunday meant that the team ventured out on our running OD a day early. We ran from Pomfret to West Hartford along the AT and felt the beginning of fall emerging through the trees. Highlights included rolling hills, avoiding major wipeouts (looking at you Abby), jumping off the final bridge into the river, and fresh recovery doughnuts! IMG_3108 MOST IMPORTANTLY! Let me introduce our new, lovely, “best class ever”; the 20s! Abby Drach, Ella Hall, Lauren Jortberg, and Leah Brams…Julia Kern also fits somewhere in there but it has yet to be decided exactly where… You will be hearing their thoughts on the world of Dartmouth skiing soon enough! Until then, back to homework. Love, Zoe

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