Intensity Week!

Week 2 is when everything starts to pick up speed—just as classes are beginning to get more intense, so did our training plan! The goal for this week was to get some good hard intensity sessions in, while keeping the easy days light to ensure optimal recovery.

We started the week off at 7 am on Monday with some max squat testing. While it’s certainly not my favorite way to spend time in the gym, it’s nevertheless rewarding to see my teammates getting stronger. We headed out in the afternoon for an easier session of double pole technique in a location we refer to as “the neighborhood,” which is indeed a small suburban neighborhood street in Hanover. Smooth pavement and minimal traffic make it an ideal place to practice more difficult maneuvers such as “no-pole” double poling.

Tuesday morning was a skate interval session at Occum Pond. It was the perfect workout to focus on being quick and smooth rather than going super hard, and to finally enjoy some shorter L3 intervals. We re-convened at 6pm in Alumni Gym for a yoga session, where we not only reaped the restorative benefits of stretching and breathing exercises, but also learned some Sanskrit numbers!

On Wednesday, we had a very boring mandatory meeting at 8am in Robo basement. At least, that’s what the freshmen were anticipating on Tuesday night. Little did they know that the rest of the team would be waking them up at 6am for “special practice”—a beloved tradition that doesn’t involve an actual workout, but does involve dressing up in flair and going to breakfast at Fort Lou’s in Lebanon.


What a good-looking crew!

Of course, we had to get a separate photo of the lovely class of 2020, since they looked so good modeling the outfits we carefully curated for them!


We still did have practice that afternoon though: a distance classic ski to Sharon. That particular ski offers lots of opportunities to observe the pastoral landscape of New England and even get an early glimpse at the fall foliage!

Thursday and Friday really put the “intense” into this intensity week with the Goodrich double pole test on Thursday followed by the 3K run test on Friday. Thankfully, each one exhausts a different muscle group, although this certainly feels like a mixed blessing by Saturday morning.

On Friday afternoon, the team departed for an overnight at the Grant, followed by a long morning run. Although I couldn’t make it due to a field trip with my marine biology class, I heard it was a great time! Actually, I’m not entirely convinced they had more fun than I did this weekend because I got to hold a live squid, but this photo (courtesy of Ella Hall) does look pretty cool:Picture3


And so, with our intensity week behind us, we’re ready to pick up the volume this week! Stay tuned, and enjoy the fall weather and foliage J


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