Embrace your weaknesses, make them a strength!

It is May and time to start training for the 2015 season! As I mentioned yesterday in our team meeting, this is the time of year to adopt and embrace goals for the coming season and this is one of my priorities for the team. And, now is the time to make a commitment to doing what it will take to improve your results next season. We all know there are things we are good at, but the athletes who are successful, don’t rely on their strengths to carry them, but work on improving their weaknesses. I hope as a team, we can make that happen.

So, I challenge all of you to identify two things that you know will help improve your athlete self…and then decide what you are going to do to make some changes in those areas. Continue reading

2013-14 Training Overview

Team Mission/Vision: The mission of the Dartmouth Ski Team is to be the best intercollegiate ski program in the country.

We strive to provide programs to compete annually at the top of NCAA Skiing while balancing individual goals and working toward achieving excellence in national and international ski racing.

 Training Philosophy and Notes:

The expectation for being on the Dartmouth Ski Team is that you will make a commitment to serious, year round ski training. As the coach, I expect everyone on the team, to participate fully in training and the team experience. That does not mean I expect everyone to do the same training, it just means that you should plan to train year-round, in a systematic manner, with others while contributing to the overall experience of your teammates and the team. I place a high priority on learning to make your own best decisions while making the experience fun and interesting and keeping it in perspective. I believe strongly that group training is the most effective method of training so you should make every effort to train with the team, or find a group to train with when you are off campus.

I am proud of the culture on our team. As the coach, I will help provide an avenue for you, as and athlete, to achieve your goals in skiing, whatever those goals may be. There will be some members of the team who aspire to be named to the U.S. Ski Team or the next Olympic Team while others will hope to make the Junior National Team or improve their performance at the Craftsbury Marathon or the Stowe Derby. There is a place on the team for each of you, provided you are prepared to work hard be an active member of the team.

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