Math in Music: Tristan Perich

Musician and mathematician Tristan Perich is visiting Dartmouth this week! The Dartmouth Math Department, Dartmouth Math Society, and AWM are co-hosting a dinner discussion event on Monday, May 16, to welcome Tristan and have him give a talk on how he has used math to compose music. Refreshments will be provided outside of Kemeny 007 at 6PM, and the talk will start at 7PM in Kemeny 007.

Dartmouth Team places at Trading Competitions

The Dartmouth Math Society sent multiple teams to the MIT Trading Competition, the Rotman International Trading Competition, and the UChicago Algorithmic Trading Competition in the past year, and achieved excellent results. Harry Qi and Ethan Yu placed 3rd at MIT Trading Competition, and the A team consisting of Harry Qi, Ethan Yu, and Daniel Kang placed 3rd at UChicago Algorithmic Trading Competition. The Dartmouth Math Society hopes to send and train more teams to trading competitions next year.

Meet a math artist! 3/5 @ 5pm

Interested in the ways in which math, art, and music intersect? Come meet artist and composer Tristan Perich to hear him talk about his work both past and present!

Thursday, March 5 @ 5pm
Kemeny 108

Artist and composer Tristan Perich works with code and electronics to create visual art and music that explores the intersection between the physical world and the abstract world of computation. Influenced by the foundations of math and physics, his work is inspired by ideas from the studies of logic, randomness, information theory, computability and the limits of mathematics and computation, such as Gödel’s undecidability theorem and Turing’s halting problem. The artist will give a short presentation of his work and its connections to these topics.

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Want to become an Exec? New members requirements!

Hi all,

In order to be considered an active member in the coming terms, a new requirement is that students will need to participate in at least 1 academic event per term and 1 social event per term.  Being an active member will be a necessary requirement to be considered for an executive position in the future (which will be elected in spring).  Since this is a new requirement, we will be looking for student attendance of at least one event over the past two terms and will hold more stringently to event attendance this coming spring. For further questions, please blitz the math society account.

Please keep in mind all are welcome to come to our events, even if not active members! The following requirements are a way of keeping track of our membership and helping to determine who would be most fit for running the society in the future.

Upcoming Event! 11/18 Talk by Prof. John dePillis

Hey all,

Next Thursday at 6pm in Haldeman 041 there will be a talk titled “Linear Algebra as a Natural Language for Special Relativity and Its Paradoxes” by Professor John dePillis.  Some topics that will be addressed are the Twin Paradox and “Time Reversal.”  Pizza will be served!  So stop on by.  It’ll be worth your “time” ;D.


-Dartmouth Math Society Execs

Elections this Wednesday!

Hi all,

As we approach the end of the term, we’re looking for executives to help us get DMS further off the ground and help us reach out to the ’18s in the fall!  Below are the positions you can apply for.  Please prepare a short speech (max 5 minutes) explaining why you fit the position/ possible ideas you have for the coming terms.  Elections will be held Wednesday at 5 pm, preceding our internship talk.  Please blitz with the title line Math Society Elections and inside put the position you are applying for.  Even if not running please come!. All are welcome to attend and we need your input!


Putnam Coordinator – In charge of organizing Putnam meetings and recruiting students for the Putnam team

Outreach Coordinator – In charge of getting students involved in the club through creative marketing (e.g. helping make posters for events)

Programming Coordinator – In charge of

Positions are open to all years.  The goal is for these students to take higher positions in following terms (e.g. president, vice president, etc.)

Upcoming Events Next Week!

Hi All,

Next week on May 19th, we’ll be having a seminar by Professor Sutton on Geometry @ 5:30pm in Kemeny 108 so definitely stop by!

In addition, on May 21st in Kemeny 004 @ 5:30pm, we’ll be having an internship talk given by Dartmouth students!  Math majors who have held internships in the past will be coming in and describing their jobs, how they got involved, and can also answer questions about their experiences in the math department.  An important event as you all plan your future internships and careers!