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Open Positions

PhD and Postdoctoral Positions

Contact to learn about open PhD and postdoctoral positions in her lab.

Wegst Lab Opportunities for Undergraduates

Ulrike G.K. Wegst's research interests include biological materials in nature as well as their applications for musical instruments and sports equipment, biomaterials, biomimetics (the systematic transfer of biological principles of function and efficiency to technology), materials for energy generation, and materials synthesis and selection. Fundamental to all is the understanding of structure-property-processing correlations. In particular, she and her group design and manufacture by freeze-casting ("ice-templating") novel hybrid materials with unusual combinations of structural, mechanical, optical, thermal, and electrical properties.

Dr. Wegst needs undergraduates who would enjoy working with her and her group on ideas and research that combine mechanics, materials science, biology, chemistry, and physics to formulate new and unexpected design paradigms for superior materials.

If you would like to:

  • observe water freeze and shape materials to make tissue scaffolds for spinal cord and bone repair using ice-cream technology
  • analyze and visualize the microscopic and three-dimensional inside view of biological material
  • measure the mechanical properties of newly developed materials...

then please contact Dr. Wegst at