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The South-South Forum is an interdisciplinary group that seeks to bring scholars, artists, and activists who work on/in Africa, Asia, and Latin America into direct conversation with each other. Our objective is to promote conversations, across disciplines, that prioritize theoretical frameworks from the "South." In doing so, we endeavor to center the scholarly contributions of the world's majorities within the American academy and to encourage a more egalitarian exchange of ideas. The Forum is committed to advancing comparative and transnational methodologies through a praxis that is feminist, collaborative, and anti-hierarchical.

The South-South Forum is one of the working groups of the Leslie Center for the Humanities. It meets at least once quarterly and typically hosts one to two speaker(s) a term. The quarterly working group meetings are roundtable discussions of published scholarship that reflect on methods for thinking across regions and disciplines in the "South". Similarly, the speakers invited present on their methods for comparative and interdisciplinary approaches to different parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Members of the group (aka "conveners") nominate and invite one speaker annually and suggest at least one reading for the working group's quarterly meetings. Members also have the option of presenting on their own south-south work.

The South-South Forum was created in 2017 by Eman Morsi and Yesenia Barragan (now an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, Department of History).

For any questions or if you want to join the working group, please contact Eman Morsi at

2020-2021 SSF Conveners:

Eman Morsi (Dartmouth), Elena Fiddian Qasmiyeh (UCL), Svati Shah (UMass Amherst)

2019-2020 SSF Conveners:

Dartmouth Conveners: Eman Morsi and Miya Xie

External Affiliated Conveners: Elena Fiddian Qasmiyeh (UCL), Svati Shah (UMass Amherst)

2018-2019 SSF Conveners:

Eman Morsi, Mingwei Huang, and Golnar Nikpour.