December 2012

Name of Project:   Hanover Base Map Development

Phase:   Data Collection and development

Progress:  This phase of the project involves GPS data collection of over 8,500 points representing end points and vertices of the town’s water, sewer and drainage infrastructure. This is to be done in two sessions to take place in the fall of this year and the spring of next. Twenty three monumented control points will also be established and located.

An RFP was circulated in late September, contract was awarded Oct 19 to CLD Engineering.

CLD is using Topcon RTK equipment utilizing the new CORS antenna in WRJ, a base station established at Hanover DPW and available satellites. Horizontal coordinate values are being collected at sub-meter accuracy on all structures, horizontal and vertical values at sub-centimeter accuracy being collected on select structures. We are nearing the end of the fall session with coordinates collected for over 3,000 points within the downtown area, and continuing in the outlying residential areas as long as the weather holds. Over the winter, we will analyze the results of this initial effort and refine the collection goals for the spring session within the overall project parameters.

Approximate completion time: W & S data collection – May 2013.  Overall project – ongoing.

Submitted by:  Gary Searles, Fiscal/Database Specialist, Town of Hanover, NH

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