The Cambridge History of the Vietnam War

Volume I: Origins

Editors: Lien-Hang T. Nguyen & Edward Miller



Points of Departure: Indochina and the Global Origins of the Vietnam War (Lien-Hang T. Nguyen & Edward Miller)


Part I: Colonial Legacies

  • Tradition, Memory, and the History of “Vietnam” (Liam Kelly, University of Hawaii-Manoa)
  • French Colonialism and the Origins of the Vietnamese Revolution (Hue-Tam Ho Tai, Harvard University)
  • Ho Chi Minh and the Rise of the Vietnamese Communist Party (Pierre Brocheux, Independent Scholar)
  • Indochinese politics during the “Long 1930s” (Author TBD)
  • Indochina during World War II (Eric T. Jennings, University of Toronto)
  • The United States and Indochina (Mark Bradley, University of Chicago)
  • The August Revolution of 1945 (Stein Tønneson, Peace Research Institute Oslo)


Part II: The First Indochina War

  • The Birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (David Marr, Australian National University)
  • Empire and Decolonization in France and Indochina (Pierre Grosser, Centre D’Histoire de Sciences Po)
  • The Associated States of Indochina (Author TBD)
  • China, the Soviet Union, and the First Indochina War (Chen Jian, Cornell University)
  • The First Indochina War in Southern Vietnam and the Mekong Delta (Philip Taylor, Australia National University)
  • The First Indochina War in the Central Highlands (Oscar Salemink, University of Copenhagen)
  • The First Indochina War in Northern Vietnam and the Red River Delta (Author TBD)
  • The Battle of Dien Bien Phu (Christopher E. Goscha, Univ. of Quebec at Montreal)
  • The Geneva Conference of 1954 (Martin Thomas, University of Exeter)



Part III:  The Two Vietnams

  • Eisenhower and Vietnam (David Anderson, Naval Postgraduate School)
  • Ngo Dinh Diem and the birth of the Republic of Vietnam (Phi Van Nguyen, Cornell University)
  • Empire and Decolonization in Cambodia (Author TBD)
  • Nation Building in South Vietnam after Geneva (Jason Picard)
  • Building Socialism in North Vietnam after Geneva (Peter Zinoman, UC Berkeley)
  • North Vietnam and the Global Cold War (Author TBD)
  • Laos between Two Wars (Vatthana Pholsena, National University of Singapore)
  • The Origins of the Insurgency in South Vietnam (David Elliot, Pomona College)
  • Kennedy and Vietnam (Marc Selverstone, University of Virginia)
  • The Crisis of 1963 and the Diem Coup (Edward Miller, Dartmouth College)