Who we are:

Joe Minichiello ‘17, BA (Bio, Psych)


Genetics, Cell Biology







Isabella Caruso ‘17, BA, BE (Engineering)


Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry



What we do:

We partner with the faculty of introductory biology and chemistry classes to make them more accessible to all students, regardless of science background. We encourage and provide interactive learning opportunities in the context of traditionally lecture-based courses. As recent Dartmouth graduates, we are familiar not only with the most challenging aspects of these courses but also with student experiences and the college’s support systems.

  • Provide one-on-one teaching
    • Research-based study strategies
    • Class material
    • Exam/assignment feedback
  • Facilitate review sessions
  • Offer student-centered support
    • Navigating Dartmouth
    • Pre-health academics
    • Holistic approach to student success
  • Gather student feedback

Who we work with:

  • Academic Skills Center (ASC)
  • Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL)
  • First Year Student Enrichment Program (FYSEP)
  • Educational Technologies
  • Nathan Smith Society (NSS)
  • Pre-Health Advising
  • Med Ed Scholars at Geisel School of Medicine
  • Gateway Initiative


After working with the TSF, I finally started grasping whole concepts and learning where I could improve my study skills.     − Danielle, Bio 13

I am really grateful that the TSF made extra time to help me with study tips and with understanding the material when I was struggling.     − Patricia, Chem 52

I was able to rebound from a couple of low test scores thanks to the wonderful support of the TSF!     − Edwin, Bio 13