What We Do

Although we are paired with a specific class each term, we’re available as a resource to all STEM students. Wondering which biology class to take next? Having trouble balancing chemistry lab and lecture assignments? Come talk to us!

As Teaching Science Fellows, we:

  • Work in the classroom with introductory science courses. Courses for Summer 2018 are:
    • Scott: Biology 13 (Genetics)
    • Julie: Chemistry 52 (Organic Chemistry II)
  • Facilitate evening review sessions for the classes we’re working with each term
  • Meet one-on-one or in small groups with students
  • Offer support outside of the classroom
    • Study strategies
    • Time management
    • Course election
    • How to succeed at Dartmouth!
  • Advice from our own interests & experience at Dartmouth
    • Julie and Scott: pre-health academics
  • Work with other campus departments to run STEM-related programming
    • Examples include: course election advice with DP2, MCAT prep with the residential communities, etc.