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Feyaad Allie ’16
Liz Lin ’16

Executive Editors

Andrew Kenealy ’15
Bryan Thomson  ’16

Senior Editors

Freya Jamison ’17
Kevin Zhang ’17

Staff Editors & Contributors

Tara Basu ’14 Devyn Greenberg ’17
Spencer Blair ’17 Alexander Woodruff ’17
Siobhan Browning ’15 Angela Jin ’15

Alumni Advisory Board

Amb. Robert L. Barry ’56 Richard L. Duncan ’57
Dennis C. Goodman ’60 Richard C. Halloran ’51
Mark Henrie ’87 Peter M. Lehmann ’85
Edward C. Luck ’70 Peter B. Martin ’51
Amb. Jonathan Moore ’54 Christopher Wren ’57

Faculty Advisory Board

Stephen G. Brooks Douglas E. Haynes
Nelson M. Kasfir Michael Mastanduno
Edward Miller Martin Dimitrov


Timothy E. Bixby ’87 Anne E. Eldridge ’87
Peter M. Lehmann ’85 Mark C. Henrie ’87
Peter D. Murane ’87