NCCC funds pilot on fluorescence-guided surgery in ovarian cancer

Senior leaders at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC) committed funding for a surgical research initiative by Thayer PI Jonathan T. Elliott, PhD with Professor Keith Paulsen, PhD, and clinical partner Evelyn Fleming, MD.  The proposal is titled, “Activation of Clinical Trial Investigating the Use of ABY-029 Fluorescence Guided Surgery in Ovarian Cancer” and is a strong translational initiative to address an important clinical problem in ovarian cancer – identifying patients whose ovarian cancer is not widespread and are thus good candidates for surgery.

The new project will build on two on-going clinical studies using ABY-029 (a Dartmouth-developed EGFR-targeted fluorophore) to examine  whether this molecule can be used to discriminate between normal and cancerous tissue during brain glioma and sarcoma fluorescence-guided resection.

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