Note to Users: This list is an ongoing project.   It began as a list compiled, first for myself, and then for my students to be able to craft research projects. The aim is to try to bring together into one place the principal narrative sources for the crusades (and others genres, such as charters, if a collection has been specifically collated for crusade history).  Some areas are more complete than others.

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Best Latin or original language edition
Other Latin or original language editions
English (or if unavailable, other modern language) translation, if available
Relevant notes of clarification and/or scholarly import

Bibliographic Abbreviations:

RHC Occ. = Recueil des historiens des Croisades.  Historiens Occidentaux. Paris: 1844-1895.
RHC Or. = Recueil des historiens des Croisades.  Historiens Orientaux. Paris: 1841-1843.
PL.  Known as the Patrologia Latina. = Patrologiae cursus completus, sive biblioteca universalis, integra, uniformis, commoda, oeconomica, omnium SS. Patrum, doctorum scriptorumque eccelesiasticorum qui ab aevo apostolico ad usque Innocentii III tempora floruerunt … [Series Latina , in qua prodeunt Patres, doctores scriptoresque Ecclesiae Latinae, a Tertulliano ad Innocentium III]. Ed. Jean-Paul Migne. 221 volumes. Paris: 1884-1864.
RHFRecueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France. Ed. Martin Bouquet et al., 24 volumes. Paris: 1738-1904.

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