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Summer Reading Lists

Maybe you're not heading to the beach or building your usual reading list, but instead trying to focus your reading on preparing for the upcoming term. Here are two reading list suggestions from DCAL and Learning Design and Technology (ITC) teams, depending on where you're starting.

Option 1: You taught in Spring term and survived, or are teaching now in Summer and getting through! You’re on the schedule to teach again in Fall, maybe a new preparation or perhaps re-offering a course you have some experience offering remotely. 

  1. Turns out you can build community in a Zoom classroom by Rachel Toor
  2. We are not in the same boat by Emery D. Haley
  3. Three strategies for better online discussions by Michael B. Sherry
  4. How to recover the joy of teaching after an online pivot by Flower Darby

Option 2: You are new to remote teaching. Feel free to read any of the articles from the other section too!

  1. Dartmouth Teaching Remotely Getting Started Guide by DCAL and ITC
  2. 5 ways to connect with online students by Flower Darby
  3. Effective educational videos by Cynthia J. Brame 
  4. Pandemic Teaching Prescriptions by Regan A. R. Gurung

And no matter what, review the Remote Readiness Checklist!


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