Families and Healthcare Providers

Our research is especially relevant to parents and health care providers because a growing number of studies show that early life exposure to arsenic and mercury can have prolonged and profound health effects. Our CEC is therefore engaging new and expectant parents and those who provide them with healthcare services, including OB/GYNs, midwives, and pediatricians.

New and expectant parents are typically quite sensitive to issues of risk to their child and so are likely to engage in risk reduction behaviors if they have adequate access to actionable information.

little boy at restaurant drinking water

Further, since new and expectant parents regularly visit providers and rely heavily on them as trusted sources of information, we believe it is an important opportunity to inform families about arsenic and mercury. In addition to interacting directly with individual patients and physicians, we also engage with the organizations that train, coordinate, and inform healthcare professionals.

Additional Resources Include:

Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Center at Dartmouth
Pediatric Environmental Health Center
U.S. EPA: Children’s Health Protection
Northern New England Perinatal Quality Improvement Network
Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units
What I’m telling my patients about arsenic and rice

Please visit our arsenic online learning module for medical providers and our community engagement resources page.

For more information, contact Superfund.Community.Engagement@dartmouth.edu