Research Interests:

Mechanical instabilities of thin structures; origami structures; energy harvesting devices; stretchable electronics; biomimetic materials/devices; nanofabrication; mechanics of morphogenesis; cell biomechanics; mechanics of DNA structures​

Ongoing Research Projects:

Towards a Multiscale Understanding of the Biomechanics of Venus flytrap’s Rapid Motion

Mechanical Self-Assembly and Instability of Thin Structures at Multiple Length Scales

Mechanics of Morphogenesis in Embryonic Brain and Heart Development

Stimuli-responsive liquid crystalline polymer

Mechanics of soft living matter: from DNA mechanics to morphogenesis

Epithelial layer jamming in breast cancer cell migration

Dual Drug-loaded Bio-inspired Nanoplatform for Overcoming Multidrug Resistance in Cancer Therapy

Buckling and Post-buckling of Thin Elastic Elastic Rod Embedded in Elastic Medium

Implantable Cardiac Power Generation Using Flexible 3D Porous Thin Films

Unveiling the Mechanical Principles of Multistability in Thick Origami Structures