New Books in the Biomedical Libraries – May 2012

The Knowledgeable Patient
The Knowledgeable Patient: Communication and Participation in Health

Matthews-Fuller Library
R727.4 .K56 2011

In the challenging world of current medical care, the informed patient has become an active and informed part of the medical process.  This well written and informative book examines this new role and will be of interest to anyone interested in the way patients interact and work with medical professionals.

Home Accessibility
Home Accessibility: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier

Matthews-Fuller Library: Consumer Health
HV3020 .S39 2012

This book is an extraordinary resource for retrofitting a home for an individual with special physical needs. The author goes room by room with tips and information on how to modify a home to accommodate for unexpected obstacles. The 300 useful tips will save time and effort in evolving your home to the needs of a physically challenged loved one.

Mindless Eating

Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think
Matthews-Fuller Library:  Consumer Health
RC552.C65 W36 2010

This “facts on the ground” examination of eating will give you useful information in how to take control of your dietary habits. The author’s insights are varied and cover items like when to eat in social situations, how to reduce caloric intake overall, and how to avoid very common-yet-difficult dieting errors. Social triggers that encourage overeating are also explored in this remarkable book.

Rat Island
Rat Island: Predators in Paradise and the World’s Greatest Wildlife Rescue

Dana Library
QL83.2 .S76 2011

From tropical islands like Hawaii to the icy islands of the Bering Sea, invasive species are devastating isolated ecosystems. We are losing forever rare and irreplaceable species due to the incursion of rats, goats, and pigs into ecosystems where they are aggressively damaging. This book looks at efforts to eliminate these estranged species in order to preserve native species. Efforts at population control and elimination are looked at in detail as a solution to this painful dilemma.

Deceptive Beauties
Deceptive Beauties: The World of Wild Orchids

Dana Library
QK495.O64 Z48 2011

This wonderfully realized book displays the extravagant and ravishing beauty of orchids. The brilliant photography is matched to superlative text describing orchids in glamorous detail with attention to the qualities that make them unique in the plant world. With shrinking native habitats, this book is a wonderful exploration of orchids in all of their environments throughout the world.

Missing Links
Missing Links: In Search of Human Origins

Dana Library
GN282 .R42 2011

Evolution has emerged from the scientific exploration of fossils as the theory that best explains human historical development in the natural world. This marvelous book is an engrossing and highly detailed exploration of human origins and the fierce debate on fossilized remains. The search for “missing links” or the fragments and fossils that will link human beings to more primitive non-human ancestors is examined in detail.

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