New Art Exhibit at Matthews-Fuller Library

Painting by HendersonThe Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library is pleased to announce the beginning of a new art exhibit featuring Christine Orcutt Henderson. Chris’ art will be on display in the library, located on the 5th floor of DHMC above the Main Entrance, until November 1st, 2015. Please stop by any time Monday through Friday from 8am – 6pm to have a look!

Chris’ artist statement:
Currently, all my work is in acrylics, my favorite medium that I have been exploring in all its forms over the years. In every painting, my first goal is to capture a fleeting moment in time, while highlighting the emotion and environmental beauty around it. This split-second can send a powerful message that might otherwise be overlooked.

The Gestalt theory, which is employed in my work, indicates that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As humans, our memory rarely captures the whole event we have witnessed, but rather just a segment. This is the secondary level to my painting process. The tertiary level is much more abstract. I try to incorporate the same arc and line into every painting. This blurs the visual line and tricks the mind into seeing other images within the painting. I often utilize the Law of Common Fate, which elements are perceived as a unit. The exterior of details is just extra information the viewer does not need to see. The shape, form, and color are the real image. I want to highlight the essence of the subject, not just the superficial appearance. The bones of a painting change and evolve over time. The more your brain and eye make a visual connection the real image comes forward. This new mindset and my expounding eye for composition produce a marriage of unique perspectives.

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