New Exhibit of Paintings at the Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library

This exhibit of paintings by Susan Parmenter will be on display until January 29, 2017. The Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 6:00pm, and is located on the 5th floor of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

About the Artist
A realist painter and award winning artist, Susan Parmenter lives and works in Sunapee, NH. Interested in art since childhood, her professional career began in illustration and transitioned to fine art painting. Susan likes to work primarily in oils or pastels, but often sketches outdoors and from life using gouache, watercolor, charcoal, and ink. These smaller studies become reference material for larger paintings done in studio, as well as mosaics, made with stained glass and repurposed ceramics.

Susan enjoys creating with a variety of subject matter in mind, but finds particular inspiration in the elements of nature.

Artist Statement
Painting Birds & Wildlife by Susan Parmenter

Blog-Who Cooks For You-Barred Owl Portrait

Barred Owl – Who Cooks For You? by Susan Parmenter

A side effect of Climate Change and human over-population is the declining health of migratory birds and wildlife species world-wide. Both on land and in the water, their numbers are dropping. Nature and our important coexistence with her seems incredibly out of balance.

I have personally witnessed this bird and wildlife decline within my own, sixty-year life span (so far). This is of great concern to me! It makes me wonder what will be left of the natural/animal world in another sixty years? I am compelled to paint the beauty, character and elegant wonder of these birds and animals, if only to leave an artistic commentary that I was able to observe their beauty and celebrate that they are still here!

Susan Parmenter in her studio painting "Pileated Pair"

Susan Parmenter working in her studio.

I urge all who view these paintings to be inspired to act. The concern is real and happening now.

Let’s not passively accept the news of one more species disappearing, as in the sad story of the Carolina Parakeet (depicted in my painting “Gone And Forgotten”). This colorful and social parrot, once native and common to the Eastern portion of the United States became extinct in early 1900. Yet despite all that we have learned and the growth of technology (or perhaps because of it?) our life-styles and behaviors continue to imperil bird, animal and insect populations to this day. Consider the Northern White Rhino – as of 2016 there are only three of these animals left on the planet.

A few things that each of us can do:

  • Advocate for creating and protecting migratory wildlife corridors here in NH, across the country and the globe.
  • Advocate for banning the use of neonicotinoids (widely used systemic insecticides, chemically related to Nicotine, that are wiping out bee populations) and glyphosphates (the widely used systemic herbicide/crop desiccant and potential carcinogen commonly known as Round Up).
  • Plant and foster natural Wildlife habitats in your own back yard.
  • THINK about your individual impact (e.g., certain insects, birds and animals depend on dead trees for habitat, so consider leaving some in your yard.)
  • Educate future generations to VALUE wildlife, wilderness and undeveloped spaces.
  • To achieve all of the above, support local and global wildlife organizations like the National Audubon Society (or it’s NH chapter), The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, The National Wildlife Federation or American Bird Conservancy.
  • And finally, get quiet and observe what is out there. You’ll be glad you did!

Susan’s work can also be viewed at:

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