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About Global Health Scholars

We are cohort of medical students dedicated to the study of medicine across cultures and borders.

What We Do:

Explore global health topics through a newly revised curriculum that includes article discussions, documentary screenings, skills nights and lectures by alumni and experts in international healthcare delivery. The curriculum prepares students for a career in global health while exposing them to the spectrum of ways that they can engage with the field throughout their careers. Topics include ethical cross-cultural engagement as medical practitioners, developing strong clinical skills for diagnosis in the absence of laboratory or other technological ‘gold standards’, and more.

Organize talks and panels for the Dartmouth community, where we learn from physicians and experts involved with international health. Drawing on the wide alumni network as well as the incredible amount of experience located in the Upper Valley, Boston and New York, the Global Health Scholars brings students and experts together to discuss the most pressing topics within the field of global health.

Participate in conferences and help students put together posters or talks to give at local and national global health conferences.

Provide pre-departure training for students before they embark on a project abroad. The John Sloan Dickey Center and Center for Health Equity at Dartmouth both provide funding, training and resources for students participating in global health work in the summer between their first and second years.

Provide research support. Scholars collaborate and support each other while they pursue summer research experiences and elective rotations abroad.

       Work with the Bhutanese refugee community in Manchester, NH, to provide health education sessions on topics important to the community such as hypertension, diabetes and pain management.


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