New DynaMed Feature: Drug Interaction Checker

DynaMed just released a new feature: Drug Interaction Checker. With the DynaMed Drug Interaction Checker, you can…

  • Easily check a patient’s entire medication list at the same time
  • Quickly understand the severity of the interaction using the 5-point severity rating and supporting evidence
  • View results by severity, documentation, and type of drug interaction
  • Search by brand and generic names of drugs
  • Interpret quality and type of interaction evidence with a four-level documentation rating system

To use the Drug interaction checker, go to DynaMed and select “drug interactions”.

Next, enter at least two drugs that you would like to check for interactions.

screenshot of dynamed's drug interaction checker

Finally, read the results.

In addition to viewing interactions, you also have the option to view Drug/Ethanol interactions, Drug/Lab interactions, and Drug/Tobacco interactions by utilizing the display drop-down menu.

Screenshot of DynaMed's drug interaction display options.

This post was written by Paige Scudder, a Research and Education Librarian for the Biomedical Libraries.

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