Upset Teenage Girl With Friends Gossiping In Background

Oh My God Becky I’m Like a Little Sick

Becky what the hell I told you to meet me here at KAF half an hour ago! I know I know I’m sorry. We don’t normally get up this early on Saturdays but I need a tea or something because. I. Am. Sick.

Not like a lot though no god don’t be all dramatic god you’re so dramatic I’m not going to breathe on you! Jeez! No, I don’t know how I’m sick. I am not sick because of Josh. Becky, no, Becky if you would just listen I told you I’m not seeing him anymore. Becky. Becky. Becky. What did I tell you? Josh is so last season. We’re done I’m not seeing—yes, he has all the same symptoms as me. Shut up!

Oh my god, Becky, my vision is spotty. Do you think I’m dying? No, I didn’t get a flu shot. I was busy, Becky! Would you look at me when I’m talking to you? Do I ask my professor for an extension? I mean like that’s probably for the best because I hadn’t started working on it either way so that’s good but I just don’t want my professor to think I’m overreacting or something when I say I’m on the verge of DEATH, Becky, because I woke up and was coughing and look at me I look disgusting I’m in these sweatpants from my high school track team that I brought to college so people would know I was like the exact right amount of athletic and I’m wearing this oversized sweatshirt that would look baggy on you but makes me look like a petite woodland creature? Becky? No this is not Josh’s sweatshirt. Shut up.

What do you mean did I take any medicine? I’m getting tea. It’s just a runny nose. And I have these cough drops. I’ll be fine. I mean, I’m dying, but I’m—Becky. Becky. Stop. Becky. We’re still going out tonight right?

Would you go get my tea from the counter? They’ve been calling my name for ten minutes jeez Becky you’re so rude. Would you do—Becky! Tea! Go!

Why does my voice hurt?

– CC ’21