Congrats, Media Fellows!

Dartmouth’s student paper, The Dartmouth, has covered the new Media Fellows program! Congrats to Jess (our first Media Fellow), Colleen Goodhue (Media Production Group) and the new Media Fellows: Ava, Peter, and Veronica. We’re looking forward to bringing your talents to Dartmouth classrooms and pursuing new opportunities for digital storytelling & multimedia production!

Jess Fedin was a Media Fellow in Latin 1 with Dr. Suzanne Lye this past winter. She helped students create podcasts about Roman life, coordinating a new partnership with Dartmouth Radio. Ava Giglio, Peter Eggert, and Veronica Williamson will be Media Fellows this term, producing training videos for the Learning Fellows community and supporting JAPN 10 with Dr. Sachi Schdmit-Hori. In JAPN 10, the Media Fellows will help students to capture and share their experiences with Japanese culture. You can read more about the great work of the Media Fellows in The Dartmouth!

Many thanks to Colleen Goodhue, the Media Coordinator at Dartmouth’s Media Production Group, who supervisors the Media Fellows as they grow in their technical and pedagogical skills!



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