Jason Laackman honored as Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher

Jason Laackman, one of our Learning Fellows, was honored last month as an outstanding graduate student teacher! Jason is a Learning Fellow in War Stories (COLT 64/CLST 11), taught by Dr. Roberta Stewart. War Stories examines military texts from the ancients till today, trying to understand what it means to be a soldier during times of war. Jason, in addition to being a Dartmouth graduate student and Learning Fellow, is also a vet. Together with Jonathan Kong, also a vet and Learning Fellow for War Stories, Jason has helped students understand the narratives of war from a soldier’s perspective. Thank you, Jason and Jon, for your support of War Stories and your dedication to Dartmouth’s teaching excellence!

Read more about the graduate teaching awards here: https://dcal.dartmouth.edu/news/2017/04/outstanding-graduate-student-teacher-appreciation-lunch

And read more about the origins of Roberta Stewart’s War Stories course here: https://news.dartmouth.edu/news/2014/04/classics-professor-and-veterans-read-homer


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