Victoria Corwin. Class of 2019, Dartmouth College. Victoria was the Edward Connery Lathem ’51 Digital by Dartmouth Library Fellow for 2019-20. She earned her B.A. in English and Classical Archaeology. As an undergraduate, she worked on Classical reception and archaeological questions in Emily Dickinson, John Milton, and medieval Literature as well as manuscript mutilation studies. With Remix the Manuscript, Victoria was interested in the Brut’s capabilities to mythologize the material history of Britain’s past, and how it links certain mythological events to the landscape and the people it describes.


Madeline Miller. Class of 2018, Dartmouth College. Madeline was the Edward C. Lathem ’51 Digital Library Fellow for 2018-19 and a Digital Scholarship Specialist for 2019-20. She earned her B.A. in Cognitive Science. Interested in how technology affects learning and the human experience, Madeline was drawn to the Remix project because of the focus on digital experimentation and exploration of how technology can change scholarship. During her time with Remix, she worked with GIS and AI tools.





Monica Erives. Class of 2014, Dartmouth College.  Monica was the Edward C. Lathem ’51 Digital Library Fellow for 2017-18. She earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies and was pursuing an M.S. in Library and Information Science at Simmons College. On Remix, Monica explored data refining tools and completed the first stages of data cleaning for our revival of the Imagining History Project (originally hosted at Queen’s University, Belfast. (Fall 2017, Winter-Spring 2018).






divyaDivya Kalidindi. Class of 2018, Dartmouth College. Double Major in Computer Science and History. Divya worked on the WordPress site web design and GIS mapping tools. (Spring-Summer-Fall 2016)









Bay_copyBay Lauris ByrneSim. Class of 2015, Dartmouth College. Double major in Art History and History modified with German. Bay was the Edward C. Lathem ’51 Special Collections Fellow at Rauner Library at Dartmouth College for 2015-16. Her academic interests include photography and photomontage during the 1930s; in Fall 2017 she began pursuing a PhD in Art History at Harvard. Bay was drawn to Remix as a way to explore the world of digital publishing and annotation. She wrote about her experiments with digital publishing and co-wrote our first article. (Winter-Spring 2016)






qingyu_editQingyu Wang. MA Class of 2016, Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College. She is interested in late medieval English literature, especially the intersection of religion and poetics. On RemixQingyu experimented with digital transcription tools.  (Winter-Spring 2016)







jennifer_picJennifer Zhong. Class of 2018, Dartmouth College. Major in English and minor in Computer Science. Interests in Shakespeare studies, Asian American literature, and web development. On Remix, Jennifer worked on web design and tool analysis. (Winter 2016)







me_moulshri_bbqLogan Henderson. Class of 2017, Dartmouth College. Interests in Digital Arts, Computer Science, Native American Studies, and Gender Studies.  On Remix, Logan worked on design and data curation. (Summer 2015)









Scott MillspaughScott Millspaugh was an instructional designer with the Educational Technologies group at Dartmouth College. He holds a Ph.D. in Italian and Medieval Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and has published on thirteenth-century Italian lyric poetry and rhetorical culture. He was co-leader, along with Laurence Hooper and Graziella Parati, of DanteLab, which updates Robert Hollander’s Dartmouth Dante Project with a customizable interface that allows users to read across the text of the Divine Comedy, translations of the poem, and over 75 commentaries from the fourteenth century through today.

Scott was instrumental in the inspiration and motivation to start Remix. It all started with a conversation about a Canvas course site that led to a flash of energy that lead to the first proposal and grant…  (Winter-Spring-Summer 2015)

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