We wrote an article about our work so far.

13th Jul

Remixing Omeka

In Remix, projects are never “done.” There’s always a new way to...

06th May's Berlin theme

Diving into

Omeka is an exhibition-based publishing tool that presumes that your data or...

28th Apr

Shared Shelf

When we began the digital publishing project, we realized that there were...

12th Apr
Shared Shelf cataloging view

Exploring Digital Publishing

Over the next two months, I’ll be exploring digital publishing using a...

10th Apr
omeka and scalar featured image


Digital Britain: New Approaches to the Early Middle Ages

04th Apr
digital britain

Digital Reading Practices 2.0

Reflection on the seminar "Digital Annotation in Theory and Practice."

26th Feb

Digital Reading Practices

Musings on digital reading and annotation capabilities.

02nd Feb