Coproducing better health and health care for everyone.


To leverage the power of partnerships between patients, families, communities, health professionals, and health systems to:

  • Co-create and test innovative approaches to improve health and health care

  • Disseminate and evaluate these approaches across diverse contexts
  • Shape a more equitable future of healthcare services through advocacy and policy
  • Support patients, caregivers, and professionals in learning to work together in new ways
  • Deepen the knowledge, science, and theory of coproduction

Our research team is dedicated to creating productive partnerships between patients, families, and their health care teams.  We are motivated by the belief that patients, families, and clinicians can produce better health and value by working together to make decisions and manage health and well-being. 

The concept of coproduction reflects the shared work between patients, families, and clinicians to co-assess health status and the impact of prior treatments, co-decide on the next phase of the plan of care, co-design the treatment plan, and co-deliver the plan of care. We believe that coproduction of healthcare services supports true patient-provider partnerships and creates better health.

coproduction cycle

coproduction cycle

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Co-Assess Co-Decide Co-Design Co-Deliver


Co-assess the patient's health status and how the treatment plan has been working to improve patient's health and wellbeing


Co-decide on what the next steps in the patient's treatment plan should be based on relevant evidence and past experiences to minimize the burden of disease


Co-design the treatment plan for daily care and professional interventions to attempt to minimize the burden of treatment


Co-deliver the treatment plan that usually involves daily self-management, adherence to plan, and occasional treatments by a clinician or clinical team.